This is a design for a recycling campaign shirt done locally (Joao Pessoa, Brazil). I had freedom to create whatever I want, as long as it portrays anything about reuse or recycling. So I start doodling with reusable ways and icons. Initially I planned on creating a world with a mosaic of little icons but then after some trial and error I realize that the readability of the icons will be compromised, so I gave up on the "world" idea and just planned on arrange them in a circle.
I thought not only on reusable ways of electricity, but also recycling materials and nature-related content. I also keep the loose feel and avoid doing straight lines and precise alignments. I had to add the campaign's title ("Reutilizar" means "reuse"), so I put it on top, using Palitoon, a playful and interesting font.

This is the final result:
And the 2 t-shirt mockups that I suggested:

1. A gray tri-blend shirt (simulating a recycled paper) with the 4-color illustration:
2. A green shirt with a light-green (single color) illustration

Thanks for viewing!