This is a commissioned set of realistic illustrations of mobile point-of-sales (POS) used as icons for a Software Development Company located in João Pessoa (PB), Brazil, way back in 2010. Those images are used in manuals for their softwares, and sometimes they need to highlight some area to show additional functions (buttons) - so I need to create high resolution illustrations. I used Adobe Fireworks for it's versatility for both vector and bitmap features.

Each model's file has several layers with multiples effects to better reproduce the light and shadows. Gladly the company had most of the models so I used a lot of reference photos from the actual models and my eyes to help mimic the correct surface of each component (buttons, bumps, display, fonts, icons, bevels, etc). Each model took about 3-6 hours.
Below there's a set of small icons used in their software. Some models didn't need the larger illustration version and some didn't need the small icon version. This set was done way before the illustrations and I wish I did a better job maintaining the consistency of angle and light through all icons.

That's it! Thanks for viewing.