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The precipice is the point of knowledge from which springs the imperative to choose.

In March, 2017, Seneca commissioned film composer Erica Procunier to write and record an original piece of music, four minutes in duration. She was given no prior direction on the composition except for the time limit and an understanding of its use. After recording was complete, Seneca assembled a diverse group of students and faculty artists over a one-year period who were challenged to create work in their respective disciplines that responded to the music.

Precipice: Seneca’s Ultimate Remix is the multi-disciplinary exhibition that assembles the collection of work from these students and faculty. Produced by Seneca College’s award-winning School of Creative Arts and Animation, the project inverts the typical relationship that exists for original composition creation in which the music is written in support of predetermined content. By having many practitioners from various art and media disciplines interpret the music on their own, and then use that interpretation as the foundation for artistic creation, the project investigates the extent to which one “single seed” of creativity can become a wonderous “garden” of art.
Precipice: Seneca’s Ultimate Remix
Cross-disciplinary art exhibit

Conceived by Mark Jones
Original score by Erica Procunier
Curated by Tara Dorey
Nuit Blanche event production by Lisa Livingston, Stefania Bono, and Sandy Mai
Precipice title by JoAnn Purcell and Arthur Lucena
Precipice illustration & layout by Arthur Lucena

Special Thanks
Alfio Annibalini
Anna Kalika
Bebhinn Jennings
Bill Suddick
JoAnn Purcell
John Switzer
Kinmond Smith
Megan Press, Artscape
Michael Maynard
Michael Visser
Petrea Hansen-Adamidis
Ray Steinke
Shannon Linde, City of Toronto
Timothy Clark